UK, Brussels, and Amsterdam

Some photos of our 2017 summer vacation in Europe.  This year, we visited London and the English countryside.

Then travelled to Brussels for some great food, art, and beer!

… and finally beautiful Amsterdam.



Melaka, Malaysia

Our first trip to Melaka, about 3 hours drive from Singapore.  Great people, food, and sights to see!

Melaka River

Melaka River

Famous Chicken Rice Balls and Chung Wah's

Famous Chicken Rice Balls and Chung Wah’s

Night Market on Jonker Street

Night Market on Jonker Street

Visit to a traditional Malay house

Visit to a traditional Malay house

Joker Street sights

Joker Street sights

Mosque on the sea!

Mosque on the sea!

These are highlight photos of our holiday in Central Europe, Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich.  Click on the links to view the full gallery.

Our trip started in beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic.  This historic city is filled with architecture dating back to the Middle Ages. It has a great old world feel, friendly people, and great food!

Next was Vienna, Austria. We visited Hofburg and Schönbrunn imperial palaces to learn about the Habsburg Monarchy, including Kaiser Franz Joseph and his empress Elisabeth “Sisi”. Our friends in Vienna introduced us to great Austrian wine and food. Phoebe loved her Wiener Schnitzel, and we loved the delicious Tafelspitz and Apfelstrudel!

A 2.5 hour train ride into the Austrian Alps to Salzburg, the hometown of Mozart. Salzburg is the city rich in music history, also playing host the the movie “The Sound of Music”.

Our trip ended in Munich, Germany, where we did some shopping, visited the Munich Resident, and of course had more Schnitzel!

Brave performance, so proud of her!  Great job!

Asahi-Chan’s visit to Singapore!

Analog Vietnam

Vietnam is the perfect place for street photography. Friendly people going about their business make great subjects, and happy to have their photos taken!  The streets of Hoi An take you back to another time. Aside from the bustling motorbikes and street lights at night, the city has changed very little over the years. Almost all the food was either caught, grown, or processed in the local area.  Everything was fresh, delicious, and so inexpensive!  Unfortunately, we pay a small fortune for natural and organic foods back home… Vietnamese show us how it should be.

All photos made with my trusty Leica M3 camera and Summicron 35mm f2.0 lens.  I used Kodak Trix 400 film, developed in Ilford DDX (1:4 dilution).  No autofocus, no light meter, no electronics, and no batteries.  Just your eyes, brain, and lots of imagination.  Free yourself from technology to add some balance to your life, you’ll be amazed what you can create!

See more Hoi An photos here (in digital)

Hoi An, Vietnam

A relaxing getaway in Hoi An.  Great food and people, so many places to explore.  See our photos here.

Sunrise over Hoi An bay

Balinese Holiday

End of year break in Bali.  Relaxing family time at a villa retreat in Canggu, lunch amongst the rice fields in Ubud, and a visit to Monkey Forrest temple.  Great food and service, the wet weather didn’t bother us much.  It was sunny on the days we needed, the rest of the time was a quiet and peaceful way to wind down the year.  A Balinese barbecue at our villa was quite nice, with a great view of the stars overhead. Please stop by our photo album to see more!


Phoebe’s photos of Paris

Phoebe’s view of Paris using her Nikon 1 and 50mm equivalent prime lens.  She’s a budding photographer!


Phoebe’s first trip to Europe, and 19 years since our last trip to Paris. Lots of changes, certainly more tourists than we remember. We did our best to avoid the major ‘attractions’. We did find some small hidden cafe’s that were a nice treat! Taking a break after long walks through the city and soaking in the cool air over great food was just what we needed! Phoebe is a definite foodie, the flavours of France are very compatible with her!  We also enjoyed a great concert by the Ille de France Orchestra, visited some well timed photography exhibits (Gary Winogrand and William Eggleston), and viewed paintings by the masters. We hope to be back soon!  Enjoy the photos.