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Photos from our trip to Malaysia and Singapore

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No better way to learn Hiragana than in a bubble bath!

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New Home

We moved into a new place in Tokyo.  It’s closer to work, but further away from Phoebe’s school.  The bus ride with mommy is the highlight of her day!  See photos of our first few weeks in our new home here.

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Jingu-Gaien Playground

a day at the playground

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Kids having fun…

Keishi and Chisa-chan visited today to play with Phoebe.

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Happy New Year!

and below is our 2009 nengajyo…

2009 nengajo

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Sayonara Alex…

This was Alex and Phoebe’s last day together in Tokyo.    Alex showed her how to play “chase my shadow”!

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Phoebe’s rendition of a popular tune…

see hi-def version here.

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Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays!

-Phoebe, Yurie & Patrick

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Phoebe's 7-5-3 Ceremony

A visit to Hie Jinja in Akasaka today to celebrate Phoebe’s 7-5-3…

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