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Art Science Museum

Visiting the Titanic artifacts exhibit and the Andy Warhol gallery with Matthew…

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Daddy and Phoebe Lunch

Lunch at Hediard, Phoebe had a craving for grilled cheese sandwich!

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Sophie’s Birthday Party

Fun and games at Sophie’s birthday party!

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Christmas in Borneo

Sorry for the long delay!  We had some technical troubles with the old site.  For some reason, it became a hacker magnet taking down the server hosting it.  Needless to say, my web hosting provider was not too happy, so we parted ways.  It was starting to take too much time and effort to keep up on my own, so I moved Phoebeezplace to WordPress.com.  It’s the same Blog engine, but on a properly managed web blog, where most normal people host their sites 😉

Here are photos of our Christmas vacation in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.  Not quite the deep rain forests of Borneo, but we’re not complaining!  Maybe when Phoebe is older, we’ll be more adventurous.  For now, the Borneo wildlife park was the closest we came.

Phoebe and Hana had a great time together!  It’s been a long time since they last met in Tokyo, but that didn’t seem to stop them from playing and enjoying each other’s company again.  It’s like Phoebe never left Japan!

The Shangri-La resort was child friendly and very accomodating.  We tried venturing out into Kota Kinabalu city a few times, but unfortunately we enjoyed the comfort of the hotel too much…

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Pasir Ris

A day at a water park in Pasir Ris with Ally’s family. (iPhone pics)

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Holiday spirit in Singapore!

The best camera is the one with you!  Putting my iPhone to good use!

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Four Years Old!

Celebrating Phoebe’s fourth birthday party with friends at Kallang JWT Kids Gym.

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First Swim Lesson

First swimming lesson with her school friends!  Everyone had a great time, which means deep sleep tonight!  See more photos here.

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hanging out

Some photos of Phoebe enjoying a stroll in the park and hanging out at home…

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At the clinic

Phoebe had her first fever last night since moving to Singapore. Turned out to be a throat infection, so a releif! She was happy watching Japanese cartoons and reading Japanese books while we waiting.

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