Annika’s 8th Birthday

Happy Birthday Annika!

Photos of the girls enjoying their last few days of spring break…

Piano Recital

Phoebe’s piano recital at the Japan Association Theatre.  She practiced and tried very hard, and did a great job!


Passing through India on my return business trip from Dallas, it was a great opportunity to finally experience its people, culture and food first hand.  My trip brought me through Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, and back to Chennai again for my flight home to Singapore.  It was a rushed and busy itinerary meeting with colleagues, but managed to make a few photos along the way.  These photos were taken with my iPhone and Fuji X100S, doing my best to capture the action out a moving car window at night in most cases.  Enjoy!

Road from Mumbai (Bombay) on the coast up to Pune on the central plateau. 

Wild car ride on the highway to Pune, zig-zagging by trucks struggling to climb the mountains.  My nails were dug deep into the dashboard!

Chennai, cultural capital of India

Many sights to see around bustling Chennai.  Literally exploding with colour and activity, fantastic place to visit and experience.

Enter the maelstrom!

People and cargo share the same trains at Chennai central station.

Chennai Street scene


I’m using time off work this week to catch up on some albums.  Here’s a long belated post of our trip to Lombok, Indonesia.

Infinity pool

Chess master!

thatch roofs


Photos from our recent trip to Cebu for Spring Break.

Traditional dance


Street scenes (at the resort!)

Lounging on the beach

Reading and drawing marathon

Beautiful sunset on Mactan Island

Night Safari

Trip to Singapore Zoo Night Safari with Phoebe, Elena, Jake, Erica, and Anika.

Cebu Underwater

Snorkelling under Mactan Island in Cebu…


Shiqin’s 9th Birthday!

A lovely birthday celebration at East Coast Park with some friends!

Asahi-chan’s first trip to Singapore!