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Philippines 2013

After 38 years, I finally visited my ancestral hometown and birthplace in Plaridel, a rural town in Bulacan province outside Manila.  We had a great time meeting new cousins, nephews, and nieces for the first time, as well as reconnecting with other relatives.  We experienced their way of life, and I believe it changed our outlook on the world forever.  Thanks so much uncle Ramon, aunt Suzy, Randolph and Gel, and all the family who showed us so much care and hospitality.   We are lucky and grateful to have you so close to us.

Many more photos here.

High tea at Shangrila Makati with Randolph and Gel

Hanging out at the “Kubo” with Aunt Suzy’s family.

Phoebe and Kenzie dressed for Fiesta

Fiesta was on Saturday and Sunday, it seems the entire town was out in the streets celebrating!  Uncle Pat’s was a destination for many of the townspeople, with free food and entertainment.  They even had an entire cow on the barbecue!

Fiesta procession made its way near uncle Pat’s place. We had a great viewing area on his property.

Lechon Baka, an entire cow!


Despite the short time and busy schedule, I managed to get some street photography into the trip, enjoy…

Street scene near Santa Ines


Plaridel Fiesta


Best way around Manila traffic


Plaridel area


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